Monday, August 4, 2008

Convert .AVI files to DVD format for Free! Download software here!








With this great utility!

Quick Media Converter 3.5.0

Installation (Make sure you have Admin Rights)

1) Double-click on the downloaded file

2) Select the desired language

3) Install it in the directory of your choice.

4) Click next, and then click on yes

5) Select or unselected the check boxes

6) Click on Done

The application opens by itself in the initial chosen language.

You can always change the language settings later by clicking in the upper menu "languages".

Help And Support

You can view Video tutorials by selecting help in the upper menu and then the sub menu "help tutorials". Or copy and paste this link in your browser

We only give support for our users with the latest version! if your application is not up to date we will not be able to provide you with any help. So make sure you have the latest version before posting on our forum.

Forum in English: Click on the question mark in the upper right corner of your application.

You can read and access all the topics without being registered.

Only registered users are able to ask for help and post. Make sure you read the FAQs & Forum rules before posting (they are strictly applied).

We strongly recommend you to visit the forum read and or search the topics with the search tool if you encounter problems, as there is a great chance that your case is already treated on the forum.

Thank you for also reporting eventual bugs on our forum this helps us improve this free application that we offer you and is beneficial to our whole community of users.


Your will be notified by your application if an update is available or if you do not dispose of the latest version. Click on the message link to download the new version or patch if it appears.

You may also click on the Cocoonsoft red icon to check for new versions and view the presentation of our product on our website.

This product is distributed under GNU GPL license and contains source code from Fabrice Bellard FFMPEG and FFplayer also included in the package is Camstudio GNU GPL which allows you to record audio and on-screen activity on your computer.

To Uninstall:


=>All Programs

=>Quick Media Converter

=>Uninstall Quick Media Converter

Thank you for using Cocoon Software Quick Media Converter Freeware

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