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Google Chrome Download Link Not Yet out

Google Chrome Download Link Not Yet out


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The Google Chrome Browser

Google presents its new browser in comic book form.

Google's way of not announcing new innovations is well known. The company must have one of the smallest advertising budgets among the large American companies.

Today, however, it seems they have chosen a whole new tactic for presenting new products and services, namely a comic book.

Google Blogoscoped claims to have received the comic book from Google, and it is drawn by Scott McCloud.

Seriously, this work seems too extensive to be a hoax. Moreover, there has for a long time been rumors that Google has been working on a web browser of its own, and this one fits the bill.

Chrome is a brand new browser, and not another incarnation of Mozilla or another existing technology.

According to the comic strip, Chrome is to be more stable, faster and more secure than existing browsers. Furthermore, it is –like Google's mobile phone operating system — going to be open source, meaning that others will get access to the source code and to contribute to its development.

Independent tabs and other features

To avoid javascripts and other snippets of code to take over the browser (and make it hang), Chrome will have multiple processes. Each tab will get a separate process. One tab may go down, but the browser will not crash. Closing a tab will end the process.

You can also tear off a tab and turn it into a separate window.

Google will make use of its huge database of webpages to test the browser.

Chrome will include an open source JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8, developed by a team in Denmark.

The address bar functions as a all-in-one entry point for URLs and searches. It will try to autocomplete what you are writing and even let you search the site you plan to visit from the address bar (a lot like Firefox).

Like the Norwegian browser Opera, Chrome will start up with a tab presenting 9 thumb-shot images of your most visited web pages.

Chrome will also keep track of harmful sites, warning you about malware and phishing. And there is, like in Firefox, Flock, Safari, Opera and the latest version of Explorer, a privacy mode.

Is there a need for a new web browser?

Does it matter? After all, most people seem to cope well with the Internet Explorer, and those who want more have Firefox, Opera and Safari, right?

Although many of the features presented in the comic seem both useful and innovative, none of them are what we would call a must-have killer feature (although we must admit that we lust for greater stability!)

But that is not the main point here. Google has an extremely powerful brand. Even stronger than Microsoft's nowadays. It also has the most impressive advertising medium on the planet: Google's home page. One simple link saying "Download Google's new browser here!" on that page, will immediately lead to million of downloads.

There is no doubt in our mind that Google, like Microsoft, will give prominence to its own search tools in that browser. Not that they will stop people from adding other search engines. They are far too clever for that. But the average Joe will be content with searching Google and Google only.

Google will also make Chrome GMail friendly. It is a fair guess that other online Google services will fit well inside the browser window, as well: Google Docs, for instance, or the Web seed Reader. All this means that Google can use the browser to make even more loyal followers.

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